Pet Urine Neutralizer

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Made with USDA certified organic ingredients, AlphaZelle's Pet Urine Neutralizer is the perfect multipurpose solution to clean up after your pets! Keep your furry family members safe by cleaning with NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS!

Machine Washable Bedding:
HE Washer: 1/2 capful (1/2 tsp)
Standard Loads: 1 capful (1 tsp)

Multipurpose Spray: 4 capfuls (4tsp) in 32oz spray bottle of water. Shake well. Use to clean litter boxes, crates, spot clean floors and carpets, grooming tables, unwashable bedding or furniture (spray down the area and let air dry), use on all water-safe surfaces.

Carpet: 5 capfuls (5tsp) in carpet cleaner/steamer water tank.

Outdoor Potty Zone, Kennel: 8 capfuls (8tsp) in 1/2 gal of water. A pump sprayer works well for outside areas and a mop for indoor areas.

Water and Organic Sapindus Mukorossi Fruit Extract, Sodium Chloride (natural whitener), Non- GMO Glycerin, Non-GMO Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (natural food-grade preservatives) USDA Organic Ingredients