Paw Balm

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AlphaZelle's Paw Balm is rich in nutrients that protect and revitalize dry pads. Paw Balm also helps to heal interdigital cysts with our unique blend of beeswax and oils.

DIRECTIONS: Use as needed on dry pads. Can also be used to help with inter-digital cysts

TOXIN-FREE INGREDIENTS: Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Calendula Oil, Coconut Oil

Avovado - A super-powered oil full of vitamins A, E and D that moisturize and combat skin-aging free radicals.
Calendula Oil – Supports the care of wounds, helps to soothe inflammation and irritation.
Coconut Oil – Antibacterial, moisturizes, protects, high in vitamin E, antifungal, 
Beeswax – Helps retain moisture, has softening properties