Oxygen Therapy

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AlphaZelle's Oxygen Therapy is a double bonded oxygen formulation that reduces inflammation, soothes skin discomfort, reduces potential scaring and assists in regenerating tissue. Oxygen Therapy is safe for all skin types and ideal for all skin issues, including wounds, burns, infections, skin ulcers, fungal infections, chemical sensitivity, acne, frostbite, blisters, etc. Oxygen Therapy is ideal for accelerating healthy skin recovery and eliminating acne bacteria as it possesses anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Leaves skin smooth, soft and supple and will not cause irritation or trigger inflammatory response.

• Accelerates healing processes
• Excellent for use on wounds, cuts, incisions, skin ulcers, circulatory disorders, fungal skin infections, burns, viral infections, nail afflictions, chemical dermatitis, frostbite
• Essential for healthy cellular rejuvenation
• Key element to sustain life
• Stimulates micro-circulation for delivery and absorption of key nutrition

After cleansing rinse with warm water and pat skin dry with soft towel. Keeping your eyes closed, hold the bottle of Oxygen Therapy 12 inches from your face and spray lightly covering the face and neck area. Follow with Hydrating Serum and a Moisturizer of choice, depending on skin

Purified Water infused with Sodium Chlorate (Stabilized Oxygen)*
*Stabilized, double bond, active oxygen