Baby Miracle Oil

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Formulated with only the purest and safest organic, food grade oils for baby, a few drops of this oil will work wonders for baby's sensitive skin, forming a lush moisture barrier that will last throughout the day. 

Use as a pre-bedtime massage oil to help soothe baby into sweet slumber. Perfect for hydrating baby after bath. Will help protect baby's bottom from diaper rash and sensitive face from drying in the summer and chapping in winter months.
Excellent to help with cradle cap.

 oil brings it's own unique properties:
Sunflower Seed Oil – moisturize, regenerate, condition, rich in nutrients & antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, helps reduce skin infections, high in vitamin E, A, C & D.

Apricot Kernel Oil - soften, soothe and helps protect the skin, leaves it feeling nourished and hydrated. Easily absorbed, non-irritating, mild and gentle with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Avocado Oil - has antioxidant, anti-inflammation and antimicrobial properties, helps with wounds, scratches and rashes and also possesses antimicrobial properties that help battle infections caused by pathogens.

Rosemary Extract – Natural preservative

Chamomile South African Essential Oil - Chamomile has natural soothing effects and is traditionally used to treat insomnia in babies and adults. Chamomile, along with lavender, can relieve symptoms of colic. Chamomile has also been shown to help anxiety and depression, and can uplift a fussy baby’s spirits.

Lavender (French) Essential Oil – anti-infective, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, effective in reducing wound infections, pain relief from wounds, insect bites & stings, insect repellent, allergies, nervous tension, muscular aches and pains. Lavender has many calming and sedative effects.

Mandarin Essential Oil – balancing, uplifting and calming

Helianthus annuus (Organic Sunflower Seed) Oil, Prunus armeniaca (Organic Apricot Kernel) Oil, Persea gratissima (Organic Avocado) Oil, Rosemary Extract, Chamomile South African Essential Oil, Lavavdula officinalis (French Lavender) Essential Oil, Citrus reticulata (Mandarin) Essential Oil.