Baby Butt Cream

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Every baby gets a sore bottom from time to time, even when a Mother follows all the right precautions. A protective diaper cream is a must to have on hand for such times. The goal is to treat the problem by the best means available and to make the baby as comfortable as quickly as possible. Lavender and German Blue Chamomile soothes and calms inflamed skin while assisting with the healing process. Lavender especially helps prevent the buildup of excess sebum, a naturally occurring skin oil that supports bacteria growth while German Blue Chamomile helps boost the regeneration of healthy new skin. Canadian Willow Herb soothes, reduces redness and calms skin that is already red and irritated. An excellent moisturizer and anti-inflammatory, Shea Butter is superior to many other moisturizing agents found in other baby diaper creams. Almond oil nourishes and softens the skin to prevent over drying during the healing process.